THE KILLER NOVEL by David Wildman (220 pages)
A murder mystery where the prime suspect is a piece of literature. 

Former garbageman Mackie Boyle is a celebrated author for all the wrong reasons. His novel "Death of a Ghostwriter" unexpectedly becomes a bestseller when his famous publisher Joyce Withier apparently commits suicide reading the manuscript. With a bloody photo of the incident gone viral, the new meme "The Killer Novel" is born, and soon everyone on the Internet wants to either discuss the real life mystery in detail, or barrage its author with hateful tweets. Meanwhile, Mackie, his wife Tigris and his brilliant 11-year-old son Oscar struggle with a dark secret that involves among other things: a Deadhead FBI agent, a diamond mine in Sierra Leone, and a beautiful literary agent/assassin.

NATURAL DISTORTION by David Wildman (256 pages) 

Wily aging rocker Guy Walsh pins his hopes for a comeback on a dangerous new technology known at The Myriad, only to find his actions have produced horrible unintended consequences. Guy is a laconic, gruffly charming man on the surface who is secretly fighting an internal war between a past that he can never acknowledge, and a life of fame he doesn’t believe he deserves. He is suffering from a terrible stage fright that his psychiatrist has diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to a suppressed horror from his youth that grips him every time he has to perform or he hears his classic hit song “Man on Fire” from 1992 played on the radio. This has led to “self-medicating” and a relapse of an old drug problem, ultimately setting off a series of events that leave his wife Emily in the hospital and his marriage on the rocks. He embarks on a quest to redeem himself, yet he begins to question if his desire for redemption might be tainted by his growing addiction to The Myriad, and jealousy over his old frenemy rapper Billy C who is moving in on Emily and The Myriad as well. When Guy finally gets his wish to create a new unprecedented form of music for a young generation that never would have connected with his old music, he must face the very real possibility that he might be leading these kids to danger, possibly even their deaths. In the end in order to save his wife, who has become addicted as well, and stop the horror he helped create, he must learn to overcome the personal demons that have long ruled him, and face a nemesis that has vowed his destruction.

THE WATER IS WATCHING by David Wildman (284 pages)

An environmental thriller written for the perspective of a blind man. A vivid, sensory tapestry of sounds, smells, tastes and touch that is our world, yet unlike any other. The novel is set in the near future, where global warming is exacting a brutal toll; the switch over to driverless cars is gradually taking place, and teenagers spend all their time at “Immersives”, Hollywood blockbusters with computer generated actors controlled by the audience. In this world English teacher Blake Symington, blinded at fifteen, is dealing with everyday problems like losing his girlfriend, suicidal students, and his best friend who has a dark secret. Then things take a strange twist for Blake as memories begin to surface, revealing a long forgotten earlier life of around the time he lost his sight, and a mysterious force seems to be pulling him towards the river behind the school.

THE BOOK OF ENEMY by David Wildman (342 pages)
A sprawling, ambitious novel about a mindreading cult in the Berkshires. After an interview I did with Chuck Pahlaniuk he agreed to take a look at it, and he went on to guide me in a rewrite that focused the work, and eventually wrote me a letter calling it “wildass awesome,” and "amazingly original." That and a positive review from Tom Perrotta helped get me signed to the Fine Print Literary Agency in Manhattan, however the book proved too strange and non-commercial to garner a deal. The book was the subject of a story in the Weekly Dig in 2007.


"The Red River Virus" by David Wildman (8 pages) 
A former rock star is suffering from an infection running up his arm, and at bedtime he tries to hide it from his vigilant wife, who used to be the bass player in his band. Published in the Huffington Post. 
Click here to read the story in its entirety. 

"Containment" by David Wildman (31 pages)  
A story about a famous football quarterback who comes out as gay, told from the viewpoint of his secret former lover from college. Click here to read the story in its entirety. 

"Screaming Down the Highway" by David Wildman (5 pages) 
A mysterious protagonist claims to have otherworldly songwriting ability as his band rides in a van to their next gig. 


"Coconut Highway" by David Wildman (92 pages) 
In 2007 I had a screenplay optioned by the Lift Productions film company of Shreveport, Louisiana, who made "Factory Girl" and "Pride" but were subsequently raided by the FBI and shut down (although no wrongdoing was found). The screenplay is a thriller about a woman coming into contact with her filmmaker father who abandoned her as a child, and nobody turns out to be what they seem.  Click here to read the screenplay in its entirety.